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Form your business,
Save thousands
on Taxes.

Business Formation


When you form your business with Barrera Advisors, you can enjoy benefits such as potential tax savings, limited liability protection, and relief from the burden of filing the necessary paperwork yourself

Start your Business Today!
Register your
LLC/ S-Corp
Have a business idea in mind? Setting up a business can be a confusing process, but not when you use Barrera. Our process is quick, easy, and saves you thousands annually.
Make it official with an LLC.

Our CPAs typically recommend forming an LLC, or limited liability company, due to its numerous advantages to small business entrepreneurs.

LLC owners enjoy simplicity and flexibility in how they are taxed along with the protection of their personal assets, shielding them from business liabilities.

Once you've formed an LLC, you have 75 days to select a different business structure for your new company, such as an S corporation. If you have questions, please call us or schedule an appointment.

Why use Barrera for entity formation?
Peace of mind
Our business formation services offer personalized recommendations from our CPAs, ensuring your new or existing company is optimally structured and classified.
It's quick and easy
Our accountants use proprietary technology to recommend the best business type for your specific situation. It's fast, simple, and cost-effective.
Immediate tax savings
Accountants are tax experts, always thinking of your bottom line. We set you up from the start to minimize your tax burden as a new business owner.
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